We will have an assignment due almost every week. Assignments will be managed through Gradescope.

Important notes about assignments:

  • You are welcome to do assignments in groups. However, make sure everyone in your group both contributes and is on top of the entire assignment (splitting up the work is not allowed).
  • Make sure you hand in clearly-written text and clearly-drawn figures. We will use online submission and grading through gradescope, so make sure you find a scanner or download a good scanner app for your phone (and find somewhere with good lighting to scan). I like Scanbot, which works well and is free. You can use CamScanner mobile app too. If we can’t easily read an assignment we will not grade it!
  • Because of the poor student-to-TA ratio, we will likely sample-grade. This means we will grade a subset of the assigned problems in every assignment; the same subset will be graded for all who submit.


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