I want to be a great adviser and believe that this can only happen if there is significant overlap between what you and I are excited about. So first of all, please take a look at my research page and think about what you feel passionate and highly motivated to work on. Then, please write me an email on your thoughts and how your interests might align, or expand mine (please use “Join Your Group” as the subject of the email).

In addition to having common interests, I think that our collaboration will be much more fruitful and enjoyable if we actually like each other as well as what we are doing. To figure this out, we should communicate, and hopefully work together, before you fully join my group. The best way to do this is to take one of my classes or, if opportunity arises, work with me on a project or as a TA. As another option, please feel free to drop by my office any time, though scheduling a meeting using my free/busy information on my mattan.erez@gmail.com Google Calendar could help.

If we both decide that there is a good chance that we will be happy interacting with each other over several years, I will do my best to support, advise, and challenge you. As part of your Ph.D. I expect you to not just learn how to do great research, but also to learn how to teach and present your research to others.